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Entry  Thu May 29 04:22:43 2014, Toshihiro Nonaka, CalibrationWaveform offset.png
    Reply  Thu Jun 12 17:16:13 2014, Stefan Ritt, CalibrationWaveform 
Message ID: 350     Entry time: Thu May 29 04:22:43 2014     Reply to this: 355
Author: Toshihiro Nonaka 
Subject: CalibrationWaveform 

I'm writing the drs_exam.cpp to use multi-boards(v3, firmware:4.0.0), and taking data succeeded. But I have several questions about function written in DRS.cpp.


  1. I wrote following code in drs_exam.cpp to set input range -0.4~0.6


            And the 100mV offset appeared(I attached a picture). I think this is due to the voltage calibration isn't done.(Calibrated to -0.5~0.5mV in DRS Oscilloscope)

            If so, could you show me a simple usage of "CalibrationWaveform()" function in DRS.cpp? (or other function?)


       2. Although this question might be the almost same with above, is there any way to execute voltage and timing calibration in drs_exam.cpp?

           Now I start DAQ by executing drs_exam.cpp after I execute voltage and timing calibration to each board by DRS Oscilloscope program.


      3. Which command is right to use external trigger?

                                   b1->SetTriggerSource(4);   or  b1->SetTriggerSource(1<<4);


Best regards,

Toshihiro Nonaka

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