ELOG Electronic Logbook Help

The Electronic Logbook (ELog) can be used to store and retrieve messages through a Web interface. Depending on the configuration, the ELog system can host one or more logbooks which are stored in separate sections on the server.

Quick overview

Per default, a page containing the the last entries from a logbook is displayed. By clicking on an entry, its complete contents is displayed. One can use the browser buttons to display the first, previous, next and last message.

The New button creates a new entry. With the Edit button one can edit an existing message, if this is allowed in the configuration file. The Reply button creates a reply to an existing message, similar like a reply to an email.

The Find button opens a query page, where messages from a logbook can be displayed based on filter rules. Each non-empty field works like an additional filter, which is and-ed with the other rules. If no filter is selected, all messages from a logbook are displayed.

More information

For more information, especially about the configuration of ELog, refer to the ELOG home page.

S. Ritt, 28 August 2001