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  878   Sat Mar 12 10:13:24 2022 Stefan RittTime calibration and the C++ APIDRSBoard::GetTime is declared in DRS.h
line 720.

If you want to measure timing down
  879   Sat Mar 12 16:52:36 2022 Matias SengerTime calibration and the C++ APIDear Stefan,

For the time of each bin I am using
the values returend by `GetTime` without
  880   Mon Mar 14 08:59:51 2022 Stefan RittTime calibration and the C++ APILooks like you have the some time calibration,
not sure if it's the correct one. Sample
the sine wave from the calibration clock,
  881   Tue Mar 15 13:07:50 2022 Matias SengerTime calibration and the C++ APIThanks for your help. If I look into the
app the behavior for the 4 channels is exactly
as you show:
  882   Tue Apr 12 10:40:36 2022 LynseyShun Hello, I am Lynsey. now I set A3-A0 to
1001 in ROI mode, but only OUT0 has output,
and the other seven channels(OUT1-OUT7) do
  883   Tue Apr 12 10:49:27 2022 Stefan Ritt A3-A0 = 1001 should be all you need to
activate OUT0-OUT7. It works in our designs.
Maybe double check the address lines with
  884   Thu Jun 16 05:31:25 2022 LynseyShun Thank you very much for your help!

  885   Fri Jun 24 09:57:36 2022 LynseyShunSpikes/noise sensitive to clock settings?Hello, I now have periodic spikes in CH0
and CH1 output. How can I eliminate
these spikes? I'm sorry I didn't
  886   Tue Jul 19 02:35:04 2022 Jingyu ZhangIncrease event rate, use ROI mode, and install sw from source in MacDear

  887   Fri Jul 29 14:09:35 2022 Stefan RittIncrease event rate, use ROI mode, and install sw from source in MacThe firmware from the website always reads
1024 bins. You have to modify it to stop
before that, like reading only 128 samples
  888   Fri Jul 29 17:23:43 2022 Stefan RittSpikes/noise sensitive to clock settings?Look at the DRS4 data sheet, Figure 12.
You see there the rising SRCLK pulse which
outputs the next analog value. You also see
  889   Wed Sep 7 10:13:41 2022 Prajjalak ChattopadhyayRegister status after resetWhat are the default register statuses
after DRS4 gets reset?
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