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  858   Tue Jan 25 14:15:00 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeHello,

I'm working on a project wherein
we're looking at photomultipliers. We've
  859   Tue Jan 25 14:34:42 2022 Stefan RittRegarding measuring for a set timedrsosc is a graphical application contiously
acquiring data from the board, and drscl
is a command line tool for debugging, as
  860   Tue Jan 25 14:44:49 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeYes, you've got it exactly right. Thank
you, that helps a lot! 

  861   Wed Jan 26 06:44:11 2022 student_rikuI want to know about the readoutDear Stefan

Thanks a lot.

I solved it.
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