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  898   Fri Jun 9 04:11:40 2023 Javier CaravacaDifferent sampling rates in multi-board configurationHello,

Is it possible to have different sampling
rates in multi-board configuration? I tried
  899   Mon Jun 12 14:22:04 2023 Stefan RittDifferent sampling rates in multi-board configurationNo, that's unfortunately not possible.


  Draft   Tue Jun 20 00:16:55 2023 Xiangnan ZhouHow to purchase new DRS4?Dear all

It seems that the DRS4 chip and
the evaluation boards are out of stock on
  901   Tue Sep 5 03:28:52 2023 Matias HenriquezInput range switch added in Version 2.1.3Hello,

It is not quite clear to me yet
how the input range is only determined by
  902   Wed Sep 13 13:18:45 2023 Stefan RittInput range switch added in Version 2.1.3To achieve an input range of -1V to 0V,
you need an external buffer which can shift
this range into the DRS4 range of -0.5V to
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