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  185   Mon Oct 29 18:30:28 2012 Martin PetriskaGetWave I have some question according to
GetWave function. In drs_exam.cpp simple
GetWave(0,0,wave_array[]) etc...is used.
  192   Tue Nov 13 11:26:32 2012 Stefan RittGetWave


  409   Wed May 13 00:52:51 2015 Cosmin DeaconuGetting Trigger SourceI'd like to be able to know which channel
(0,1,2,3 or external) was responsible for
the trigger.  DRSBoard::GetTriggerSource()
  411   Wed May 13 08:19:53 2015 Stefan RittGetting Trigger SourceDRSBoard::GetTriggerSource() simply returns
what has been enabled via DRSBoard::SetTriggerSource().
The actual source which causes the trigger
  33   Wed Feb 10 02:57:55 2010 pepe sanchez lopezHellohello i am an student and i want to do
my final project with drs4 board and i really
can´t find how to open waveform file
  34   Wed Feb 10 15:35:09 2010 Stefan RittHello


  87   Wed May 26 19:18:09 2010 Hao HuanHigh Frequency Input for DRSHi Stefan,
    I read in the
DRS datasheet that the bandwidth for the
  88   Tue Jun 1 13:36:18 2010 Stefan RittHigh Frequency Input for DRS


  748   Thu Mar 14 03:43:49 2019 Deepak SamuelHow to buy DRS evaluation kitDear Stefan,

I have emailed drs4@psi.ch a couple
of times regarding the pricing of the evaluation
  136   Mon Oct 31 09:15:02 2011 Zhongwei DuHow to link PMTI want to measure the signal from PMT .
But it is a current signal, should i just
put a series resistance, or use a amplifier
  137   Tue Nov 1 11:07:02 2011 Stefan RittHow to link PMT


  150   Tue Jan 31 08:10:37 2012 Stefan RittIEEE Real Time 2012 Call for AbstractsHello,
I'm co-organizing the upcoming Real
Time Conference, which covers also fields
  46   Wed Mar 3 17:36:31 2010 Hao HuanInitialization of the Domino CircuitHi Stefan,
    I read in the
datasheet that every time after power up
  47   Wed Mar 3 17:49:30 2010 Stefan RittInitialization of the Domino Circuit


  53   Thu Mar 11 21:37:32 2010 Hao HuanInput Bandwidth of the DRS ChipHi Stefan,
    I read in the
DRS datasheet that the input bandwidth if
  54   Fri Mar 12 08:04:44 2010 Stefan RittInput Bandwidth of the DRS Chip


  9   Wed Jun 10 12:46:43 2009 Stefan RittInput range switch added in Version 2.1.3 A new software verison for the DRS4
Evaluation Board has been has been released.
Version 2.1.3 adds a switch for the input
  608   Mon May 22 18:27:56 2017 Esperienza GioveInvalid magic number 0000Hello everybody!

After some times i init my board,
or if i stop the program during the acquisition,
  609   Tue May 23 10:24:47 2017 Stefan RittInvalid magic number 0000Under linux, many people observed that
the USB connection is unstable to the evaluation
board. This must be related to the linux
  610   Thu May 25 20:17:41 2017 Esperienza GioveInvalid magic number 0000Hello, thanks for your answer. Unluckily
if i try to reset in this way it keeps hanging

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