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  464   Mon Dec 28 11:21:54 2015 mony orbachDtap stops toggling after 40msecHi Stefan

Thanks for your input.

We are in the process of assemble
  465   Wed Dec 30 16:25:35 2015 mony orbachDtap stops toggling after 40msecHi

  473   Thu Jan 14 14:00:26 2016 mony orbachDtap stops toggling after 40msecsurrey i forgot to update..

after carefully examining our VHDL
we found out that there are brief times that
  63   Tue Apr 13 10:45:18 2010 lorenzo nerievaluation board used like a counterHi all

  287   Tue Aug 27 16:14:49 2013 lengchongyang   Hello everyone!I'm a
new user of DRS4 board,but it seems that
  288   Wed Aug 28 04:05:48 2013 lengchongyang 


  315   Tue Dec 10 14:48:42 2013 ismail okan atakisimeasurement rangeI m trying to measure lifetime in our lab
and I intend to take 
measurement with DRS4 at that point
  186   Thu Nov 1 20:08:33 2012 hongwei yangDRS4 firmwareHi,
    We are using drs4
board, but oscilloscope app will somehow
  188   Thu Nov 1 20:21:44 2012 hongwei yangDRS4 firmware


  189   Thu Nov 1 20:25:53 2012 hongwei yangDRS4 firmware


  191   Thu Nov 1 20:46:53 2012 hongwei yangDRS4 firmware


  443   Fri Aug 7 18:41:37 2015 danteDRS4Hi

I have just installed DRS4, but
when I try to view it from the USB it don't
  771   Tue Aug 27 08:33:22 2019 chinmay basuDRS4Is DRS4 suitable for use with Silicon surface
barrier detectors?
  639   Wed Nov 22 08:31:03 2017 chen wenjun using of the DRS Command Line InterfaceHello! I'm using DRS4 evaluation board
V5 with the drs command line interface,but
the mannal only explained the meaning of
  641   Wed Nov 22 08:58:33 2017 chen wenjun using of the DRS Command Line InterfaceOK!Thank you! One more question,when I
use the Oscillocope ,I found that the actual
speed is a constant value of 1.007G,how can
  643   Wed Nov 22 09:19:11 2017 chen wenjun using of the DRS Command Line InterfaceThank you very much !! All my fault for
I thought it too comlicated. Thank you sincerely!

  653   Thu Jan 25 05:24:05 2018 chen wenjunproblem with the drscl(drs507)Hi! Stefan:

  when I change a new computer(win7,64bit),I
meet a problem that the drscl app cannot
  654   Thu Jan 25 06:10:52 2018 chen wenjundrscl doesn't find eval board but drsosc does (Windows 7)Hi! Jim:

  It seems that I meet the
same question with you ,and I am confused
  656   Thu Jan 25 08:07:32 2018 chen wenjunproblem with the drscl(drs507)I have tried about 4 computers,only one
worked fine.I truly want to know how others
get this fixed,can you get in touch with
  671   Wed Mar 14 09:13:39 2018 chen wenjunconfusion about the description in drs.cppHi,Stefan:

  recently,whtn I study the
drs.cpp code ,I found that  the buffer[1]
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