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  689   Sun May 6 08:13:37 2018 chen wenjunconfusion about the description in drs.cppHi Stefan:

  I'm still confused that
althought the 8 bits buffer is enough,the
  533   Mon Aug 29 09:36:34 2016 benjamin legeytincrement write config register on the fly?Hello,

I have a question about using the
write config register to enable/disable sampling
  535   Mon Aug 29 12:18:49 2016 benjamin legeytincrement write config register on the fly?If I may trouble you for a little more
information, the critical point then is
that there should not be any zeroes in the
  276   Tue Jul 23 22:31:08 2013 alonziEvaluation Board BehaviorWorking with the DRS evaluation board we
noticed some funny behavior: See attatchment
1. In about 1% of scope traces we see the
  278   Tue Jul 23 22:42:31 2013 alonziEvaluation Board Behavior


  29   Wed Dec 30 14:28:33 2009 aliyilmaznormal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp Dear Mr. S. Ritt
       i am Ms.
student , am working with your DRS4 board
  136   Mon Oct 31 09:15:02 2011 Zhongwei DuHow to link PMTI want to measure the signal from PMT .
But it is a current signal, should i just
put a series resistance, or use a amplifier
  151   Sat Feb 4 11:59:26 2012 Zhongwei Duwhat sort of detectors for physical experiment the DRS4 used?Hello.
We are designing a waveform
sampling board for Si strip array detector
  200   Tue Dec 4 09:24:22 2012 Zhongwei DuQuestion of drs4 usingWhen Denable and Dwrite is high , the voltage
of PLLOUT is 0 V.  And  the Dtap
is turn high with no delay when the Denable
  202   Tue Dec 4 09:50:11 2012 Zhongwei DuQuestion of drs4 using


  175   Tue Aug 28 17:52:45 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cppHi,
I found an old thread regarding a
fix for DOScreen.cpp for DRS-3.1.0, that
  177   Wed Aug 29 16:42:42 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cpp


  179   Wed Aug 29 16:57:49 2012 Zach MillerDRS-4.0.0 DOScreen.cpp


  180   Thu Oct 4 20:50:36 2012 Zach MillerDRS5Hi,
Our group had previously heard that
a "DRS-5.0" might be on the horizon
  182   Thu Oct 4 21:07:27 2012 Zach MillerDRS5


  358   Mon Jul 14 19:03:05 2014 Yves Biangachange cascading from 1024 to 2048 bins for each input channelHello,
I want to ask
whether it is possible to modify a Evaluation
  628   Sun Aug 27 12:44:16 2017 Yuvaraj ElangovanDRS4 version SupportHi i am using DRS4 Eval Board V2, How to
acquire data to a bin file using it.  
  219   Fri Feb 22 11:46:17 2013 Yury GolodDRS4 trigger, different polarity


  153   Wed Feb 15 18:08:13 2012 Yuji IwaiEvaluation Board v4 Trigger/Clock ConnectorsQuick question - what type of connectors
are used for the trigger and clock in/out
on the v4 eval board?
  523   Thu May 12 05:18:47 2016 YuProblem For Software DownloadHi

 I can't download the
software for windows on this website 'www.psi.ch/drs/software-download',
ELOG V3.1.5-fc6679b