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  665   Fri Mar 2 21:05:48 2018 Steven BlockROI Great! That is very helpful. 

One more question. If no signals
were detected in the 1024*200ps time frame
  605   Sat Apr 15 03:48:31 2017 Strahinja LukicWave rotation during transfer from the board?I don't know if this question is already
documented elsewhere.

I am developing a DAQ code for
  607   Thu Apr 20 06:30:13 2017 Strahinja LukicWave rotation during transfer from the board?Thanks.


  807   Wed Jan 20 12:14:49 2021 Taegyu Leedrs4 persistenceDear all,

I have a question about the function that
drs4 can perform.
  588   Fri Feb 24 17:34:28 2017 Tarik ZenginPassing parameters to drsclHi everyone,

I wonder if there is a way to pass
parameters to drscl. What I specifically
  858   Tue Jan 25 14:15:00 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeHello,

I'm working on a project wherein
we're looking at photomultipliers. We've
  860   Tue Jan 25 14:44:49 2022 Thomas M.Regarding measuring for a set timeYes, you've got it exactly right. Thank
you, that helps a lot! 

  811   Fri Feb 26 17:05:26 2021 Tom SchneiderTrouble getting PLL to lockHello,

I am working on a custom PCB design
with the DRS4 chip, and I can't get the
  813   Fri Feb 26 18:33:52 2021 Tom SchneiderTrouble getting PLL to lockStefan,

Thanks for responding so quickly. 
Yes I have my clock source going to REFCLK+
  815   Fri Feb 26 21:24:39 2021 Tom SchneiderTrouble getting PLL to lockProbe capacitance makes that tricky - if
I put my probe on DSPEED, I see that it starts
at approx. 2.5V then gradually decreases
  817   Fri Feb 26 22:52:13 2021 Tom SchneiderTrouble getting PLL to lockThats not a simple modification to my PCB,
but I'll give it a try.  Thanks
for your help
  818   Thu Mar 4 21:36:14 2021 Tom SchneiderTrouble getting PLL to lockI found the problem, and it had nothing
to do with the CMOS clock input.  As
it turns out, even though I was using the
  350   Thu May 29 04:22:43 2014 Toshihiro NonakaCalibrationWaveformI'm writing the drs_exam.cpp to use multi-boards(v3,
firmware:4.0.0), and taking data succeeded.
But I have several questions about function
  514   Wed Apr 27 08:14:14 2016 Toshihiro Nonakaserial number problem Dear all,

I'm using 3 DRS boards simultaneously
and their serial numbers are 2169, 2170,
  516   Wed Apr 27 09:51:37 2016 Toshihiro Nonakaserial number problem The serial number has been fixed by
using drscl. Thank you!

  623   Wed Jul 12 04:24:39 2017 Toshihiro NonakaTime resolution between boardsHello,

I 'm using four evaluation
boards v.3 to construct the multi-board DAQ
  651   Wed Jan 17 09:51:16 2018 Tran Cong ThienThe input signals recorded are different with the signal showed in oscilloscope Dear Stefan,

I am using an DRS4 board to record
the signals from an plastic scintillator
  360   Wed Jul 30 11:38:58 2014 Tsutomu NagayoshiSampling speed of DRS4 Board ver4 Hello!
I have a question concerning the
sampling speed of the DRS4 evaluation board.
  586   Tue Jan 31 01:37:35 2017 VO HONG HAILLD and ULD discriminations,Dear Stefan,
 Is there any way to develop
LLD and ULD discrimination in DSR-4 evaluation
 Best regards,
  633   Tue Oct 17 14:58:58 2017 Vadym DenysenkoTime offset Hello.


I have a simple question, can I
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