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  586   Tue Jan 31 01:37:35 2017 VO HONG HAILLD and ULD discriminations,Dear Stefan,
 Is there any way to develop
LLD and ULD discrimination in DSR-4 evaluation
 Best regards,
  633   Tue Oct 17 14:58:58 2017 Vadym DenysenkoTime offset Hello.


I have a simple question, can I
  635   Wed Oct 18 11:48:14 2017 Vadym DenysenkoTime offset Thank you for your reply!

  625   Thu Jul 20 13:00:44 2017 Volodymyr RodinDriver installation on Windows 10Dear Laura

You need to disable driver signature
enforcement.  Then try again with path
  626   Fri Jul 21 09:16:02 2017 Volodymyr RodinTime outputHello Stefan

I tried to convert binary to a
simple txt file and found next problem -
  627   Tue Jul 25 14:47:05 2017 Volodymyr RodinTime outputHi again.

Okay, it works with 5.05 version very
good and it is enough for me.
  336   Wed Apr 16 03:22:43 2014 Wang why is the first channel output error?  Hi,
  340   Thu Apr 17 12:02:28 2014 Wang The first channel is wrong. Hi,  QQ??20140417174309.jpg 
  447   Tue Nov 3 22:37:56 2015 Will FlanaganLatest macro for DRS4 V5Hi DRS4 Experts,

I have an extremely naive question:
Is there any official macro to unpack the
  448   Tue Nov 3 23:15:38 2015 Will FlanaganLatest macro for DRS4 V5I should of course mention that I looked
through the DRS4 website and didn't see
anything obvious: https://www.psi.ch/drs/evaluation-board
  450   Thu Nov 5 00:18:42 2015 Will FlanaganLatest macro for DRS4 V5Hi Stefan,

This is absolutely perfect.

  539   Wed Oct 5 22:43:29 2016 Will FlanaganTimestamp for each DRS4 waveformHi DRS4 Experts,

I have been analyzing DRS4 binary
data with scripts based on Stefan's (very
  541   Thu Oct 6 15:23:18 2016 Will Flanagan Hi Stefan,

That is exactly what I'm looking
for. Thanks again!
  668   Wed Mar 14 00:38:15 2018 Will Flanagansub-ms precision timestamps?Dear DRS4 community,

Is there a way to extract timestamps
with sub-ms precision? The milliseconds of
  746   Wed Mar 6 10:09:01 2019 Willy Changdrscl "no board found" in some Win7 or Win8.X PCsHi all, 

When connecting the board and running
the Zadig program, some Windows PCs may return "driver
  706   Thu Jun 28 19:55:45 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongNegative Bin WidthI am using a DRS4 Evaluation Board v5 and
running the drsosc.exe version 5.06 on
a Window 7 machine. I have performed the
  708   Mon Jul 16 19:39:35 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongEffect of interpolation on timingUsing a test pulse split into two channels
of the DRS4 Evaluation Board v5, I looked
at the time resolution using a leading edge
  709   Fri Jul 20 00:44:13 2018 Woon-Seng ChoongEffect of interpolation on timingJust a follow-up update.

It turns out that I was using a
cubic spline interpolation with smoothing.
  629   Wed Sep 27 16:11:03 2017 Yoni SherEvent acquisition pace for irregular timingHi, 

I'm running a LIDAR application
that requires that every outgoing pulse be
  647   Wed Dec 20 15:30:38 2017 Yoni Shercascading -- DRS4 Osci.cpp & DRS.cppHi, 

I'm trying to do the same thing
(get 1 channel with 8192 bins), but I'm
ELOG V3.1.5-fc6679b