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  792   Tue Jul 28 22:40:44 2020 Razvan Stefan Gorneano board foundI have a very similar problem, the command
line doesn't work but the oscilloscope
program does! Tried to fix it using Zadig
  29   Wed Dec 30 14:28:33 2009 aliyilmaznormal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp Dear Mr. S. Ritt
       i am Ms.
student , am working with your DRS4 board
  30   Mon Jan 11 16:32:21 2010 Stefan Rittnormal_mode_in_drs_exam.cpp


  21   Fri Oct 30 03:31:54 2009 Jinhong Wangoutline dimension of DRS4   QFN_package.jpg 
  22   Wed Nov 4 14:42:22 2009 Stefan Rittoutline dimension of DRS4


  19   Mon Oct 19 11:26:29 2009 Jinhong Wangoutput common mode voltage of DRS4Hello Mr.
the DSR4 datasheet, it is mentioned that
  20   Mon Oct 19 12:46:12 2009 Stefan Rittoutput common mode voltage of DRS4


  653   Thu Jan 25 05:24:05 2018 chen wenjunproblem with the drscl(drs507)Hi! Stefan:

  when I change a new computer(win7,64bit),I
meet a problem that the drscl app cannot
  655   Thu Jan 25 08:00:16 2018 Stefan Rittproblem with the drscl(drs507)This problem has been reported by several
people, like elog:551

So far I could not solve it. On
  656   Thu Jan 25 08:07:32 2018 chen wenjunproblem with the drscl(drs507)I have tried about 4 computers,only one
worked fine.I truly want to know how others
get this fixed,can you get in touch with
  528   Sun Jun 12 08:45:52 2016 Michaelproblems of DRS4Hi

I want to use DRS4 to
digitize 16 channels of signals. The width
  Draft   Sun Jun 12 08:49:54 2016 Michaelproblems of DRS4Hi

I want to use DRS4 to
digitize 16 channels of signals. The width
  530   Wed Jun 15 14:49:00 2016 Stefan Rittproblems of DRS41. Simultaneous writing and reading is
not possible with the DRS4 chip. The manual
says differently on p. 14, but due to a bug
  526   Wed Jun 1 22:29:01 2016 Dominik Neiseproblems when stop cell >= 767 ??Hello Stefan,

some colleages told me a story,
I was neither able to confirm nor find anything
  527   Wed Jun 1 23:16:01 2016 Stefan Rittproblems when stop cell >= 767 ??I cannot confirm the story with the "stop
capacitor > 767". It can be seen
from your plots that the distribution of
  827   Tue May 4 21:18:28 2021 Abaz Kryemadhirecording only timestamp and amplitude and/or filesize maximumHi,

I have been collecting some date
using the DRS4 board at a trigger rate of
  828   Wed May 5 10:12:44 2021 Stefan Rittrecording only timestamp and amplitude and/or filesize maximumThe maximum file size depends on the underlying
linux file system. Common values are 4-16
  313   Tue Nov 26 15:36:39 2013 Dmitry Hitsreducing sampling speedDear Stefan
Is there an easy way to reduce sampling
speed below 0.7 GSPS? I would like to record
  314   Tue Nov 26 15:38:13 2013 Stefan Rittreducing sampling speed


  514   Wed Apr 27 08:14:14 2016 Toshihiro Nonakaserial number problem Dear all,

I'm using 3 DRS boards simultaneously
and their serial numbers are 2169, 2170,
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