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  357   Fri Jun 27 11:23:19 2014 ChengMing Dudrsosc binary to cern ROOT file conversion


  412   Wed May 13 09:31:18 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageHello Mr. Stefan Ritt

  For DRS4 differential inputs
ranges form 500mV to 1100mV, with ROFS set
  414   Wed May 13 09:55:09 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageHere's the problem. My external ADC
has 2Vpp differtial input voltage range.
And the common-mode voltage of the inputs
  416   Wed May 13 10:27:43 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageI'm using an AD9252, 0.9V common mode
voltage is suggested and I already use 8
un-switchable level shifters. Just as you
  418   Wed May 13 12:52:22 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageYes. I use exactly the same scheme as you
mentioned. I'll try your solution.

  419   Wed May 13 16:13:07 2015 Chenfei Yangtransparent-mode voltageIf using a ROFS of 0.9V, the input would
not between 1.05V~2.05V better non-linearity
area. Is that appropriate?
  441   Mon Jul 20 09:25:38 2015 Chenfei YangMeasure the time between different samplesHi,
  I have a question using a data acquisition
card base on DRS4 chip. How can I measure
  335   Tue Apr 15 18:35:41 2014 Carlo Stelladrs_exam project fail to compileHi,
when I try to compile drs_exam project
my computer give me this output:
  341   Thu Apr 24 23:03:25 2014 Carlo Stelladrs_exam project fail to compile


  761   Sat Jul 13 01:00:15 2019 Brendan PosehnEvaluation Board Test FunctionalityHello, 

I have recently obtained a DRS4
Evaluation Board (V5), but I am unable to
  763   Mon Jul 15 19:34:25 2019 Brendan PosehnEvaluation Board Test FunctionalityHello Stefan, 

Thanks for the quick reply. The
issue was a faulty SMA connector, should
  117   Thu Apr 14 18:23:53 2011 Bob HiroskyFixes to DOScreen.cpp for recent built on linuxHello,

I was just building version 3.1.0 and ran
  237   Thu Apr 11 22:41:13 2013 Bill Ashmanskascode/details for optimal DRS4 timing calibration?Hi Stefan,
Is either some example code or a
detailed written description available for
  768   Mon Aug 19 23:01:22 2019 Bill Ashmanskasshould one deassert DENABLE while writing the write-shift register?Hi Stefan,

We have for some time now been
using custom firmware on a custom board to
  770   Tue Aug 20 16:05:21 2019 Bill Ashmanskasshould one deassert DENABLE while writing the write-shift register?Aha -- many thanks.  I think what
tripped up my test logic is that the "done"
state in drs4_eval5_app.vhd that executes
  241   Mon Apr 22 15:33:28 2013 Benjamin LeGeyteffect of jitter/alignment between SRCLK and ADC clockHello!
let me apologize in advance if this
has already been covered somewhere and I
  346   Fri May 16 14:04:47 2014 Benjamin LeGeytsimultaneous writing and reading with region of interest mode?Hello!
We're developing electronics based
on the DRS4 to read out a breast PET scanner
  132   Sat Oct 15 04:45:25 2011 Aurelien BouvierDRS4 eval board: readout rateHi,
Our setup uses a DRS4 evaluation
board (version 2.0).
  773   Fri Sep 13 15:27:41 2019 Arseny RybnikovScaler / How to modify the firmware to change the scaler integration timeHello,

We want to use the inner DRS4 counter(scaler)
within more than the 100ms integration
  14   Wed Oct 14 23:53:05 2009 Armin KolbDRS_exam using USB Evaluation Board with OS XFor the users using a Macintosh,
after several hours the Evaluation
Board is working  on my Macintosh (intel).
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