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  773   Fri Sep 13 15:27:41 2019 Arseny RybnikovScaler / How to modify the firmware to change the scaler integration timeHello,

We want to use the inner DRS4 counter(scaler)
within more than the 100ms integration
  14   Wed Oct 14 23:53:05 2009 Armin KolbDRS_exam using USB Evaluation Board with OS XFor the users using a Macintosh,
after several hours the Evaluation
Board is working  on my Macintosh (intel).
  294   Mon Sep 23 09:22:52 2013 Andrzej RychterSampling Frequency: DRS4 eval boardIs it possible to set sampling frequency
at 100 MHz in DRS4 eval board? Trying to
set 0.1GHz in Osci program results in around
  296   Mon Sep 23 09:51:48 2013 Andrzej RychterSampling Frequency: DRS4 eval board


  397   Fri Feb 13 10:12:16 2015 Andrzej Grzeszczukdrs4 and rootHello,

I compiled base file for drs system 
(DRS.cpp) to root framework (root.cern.ch)
  130   Fri Sep 16 22:06:07 2011 Andriy Zatserklyaniycompilation error for version 4.0.0 on linuxHi Stefan,
When I compiled DRS4 software version
4.0.0 on Linux (Debian Squeeze) I got this
  307   Tue Nov 19 04:33:22 2013 Andriy ZatserklyaniyDRSOsc at Mac OS X Mavericks I installed Mac OS package on macbook
(late 2013). DRSOsc starts to write file
but freezes; need to be restarted to restore
  309   Tue Nov 19 21:49:37 2013 Andriy ZatserklyaniyDRSOsc at Mac OS X Mavericks


  168   Sat Jun 23 00:29:52 2012 Andrey Kuznetsovtriger for measuring time between pulses in channels


  243   Wed May 8 06:07:52 2013 Andrey KuznetsovDRS4 v2.0 Eval Board running on higher versions of DRS Oscilloscope programHi,
I have an old v2.0 board that I just
upgraded firmware on using v4.0.0 download
  244   Wed May 8 19:50:01 2013 Andrey KuznetsovDRS4 installation on Windows 8 issuesI'm also
having trouble installing drivers and running
DRSOsc program on another computer running
  279   Thu Jul 25 01:31:29 2013 Andrey KuznetsovEvaluation Board Behavior


  289   Wed Aug 28 13:07:51 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questions  For http://www.psi.ch/drs/DocumentationEN/manual_rev20.pdf:
0 0x02 15..8 board_type 5 for DRS4
USB Evaluation Board 1.1 ---> should instead
  290   Thu Sep 5 10:01:00 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questions#11 0x080589de in DRSBoard::GetWave (this=0xb7456008,
chipIndex=0, channel=0 '\000', waveform=0x40f24000,
responseCalib=true, triggerCell=207, wsr=0,
  291   Mon Sep 9 06:49:36 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questionsThe DRSCallback *pcb is
missing an if statement in the code when
DRS Oscilloscope software isn't used when
  293   Wed Sep 11 02:41:28 2013 Andrey KuznetsovUSB connection stopsHi,

although I don't have a chance to test your
  753   Thu Jun 20 01:36:48 2019 Andrew PeckEvaluation firmware wait_vdd stateDear Stefan,

I am working with others at UCLA
on a custom made board built around the DRS4.
  755   Mon Jun 24 23:07:35 2019 Andrew PeckEvaluation firmware wait_vdd stateDear Stefan, 

Thanks so much for clarifying this.
We made wait_vdd a parameter controlled by
  549   Wed Oct 26 21:15:35 2016 Alexey LubinetsProblems with DRS command lineHello, everybody

I have installed the software for the DRS4
  567   Thu Nov 24 00:40:38 2016 Alexey LubinetsPLL did not lockHello, everybody!

I installed DRSosc and DRScl. Command
line works normally (at least, it can "see"
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