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  747   Fri Mar 8 19:35:11 2019 Abaz KryemadhiROOT Macro for newest softwareThe older root macro did not work for me
for data acquired with the newest software.

so for the newest software and
  746   Wed Mar 6 10:09:01 2019 Willy Changdrscl "no board found" in some Win7 or Win8.X PCsHi all, 

When connecting the board and running
the Zadig program, some Windows PCs may return "driver
  745   Mon Feb 25 08:48:27 2019 Stefan Rittno board found"dynamic" or "static"
does not matter, as long as you don't
use your program on another computer. I have
  744   Mon Feb 25 08:40:44 2019 Lev Pavlovno board found 

Hello. When compiling drs_exam,
do you need to use a "static "version
  743   Thu Feb 21 09:57:53 2019 Stefan Rittno board foundCould be. Have you tried that elog:657


  742   Thu Feb 21 09:51:24 2019 Lev Pavlovno board foundHey. Yes, the program is running as administrator.
By the way, this is win10. Your drs_exam
works fine. My drs_exam compiled wrote no
  740   Wed Feb 20 12:56:56 2019 Stefan Rittmeg?No idea. Maye some access problem. Have
you tried to start your program under an
admin account?
  739   Wed Feb 20 12:13:44 2019 Lev Pavlovmeg?Great, drs_exam compiles without problems.
Now when you run the compiled file drs_exam
writes board not found, but drsosc and drscl
  738   Wed Feb 20 08:08:42 2019 Stefan Rittmeg?You have to change the path to libusb-1.0.lib
to the one where you installed it.

  737   Wed Feb 20 08:03:04 2019 Lev Pavlovmeg?Hey. Strange problem. Why does the compiler
refer there at all? Library installed drsosc
  736   Mon Feb 4 18:18:22 2019 Stefan RittDifferent Distances between the sampling points elog:361

  735   Mon Feb 4 17:36:49 2019 Hans SteigerDifferent Distances between the sampling pointsSorry.... but is there a solution or a
Root Macro, that reads the waveforms into
a Root-Tree? I simply can not work anymore
  734   Mon Feb 4 16:46:04 2019 Stefan RittDifferent Distances between the sampling pointsThe sampling points are NOT equidestant,
they have varying bin widths of 150ps to
250ps at 5GS/s. That's due the way the
  733   Mon Feb 4 16:42:08 2019 Hans SteigerDifferent Distances between the sampling pointsDear All,

with the older software for my
V5 Board i did not have the problem, that
  732   Sat Feb 2 10:10:22 2019 Stefan RittSaving Rate (only 15Acq/s)The reduction of rate is because you save
in XML format, which is an ASCII format,
so human readable, but takes long to write.
  731   Sat Feb 2 00:13:12 2019 Hans SteigerSaving Rate (only 15Acq/s)Dear All,


when I use my Evaluation Board
  730   Wed Jan 30 17:08:58 2019 Stefan RittROOT Macro for data acquired with the newest softwareThis one elog:361
should still work.

  729   Wed Jan 30 08:02:25 2019 Stefan RittDRS4 domino wave stability studyThe Domino wave is most stable at 5 GSPS,
slowly degrades down to 3-2 GSPS, and at
1GSPS gets some significant jitter. This
  728   Wed Jan 30 06:51:37 2019 Saurabh NeemaDRS4 domino wave stability studyWe have been using DRS4 IC in our design
for quite some time and it is giving good
  727   Tue Jan 29 14:43:44 2019 Abaz KryemadhiROOT Macro for data acquired with the newest softwareHello,

Is there a root macro for decoding
binary data acquired with the newest software
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