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Message ID: 121     Entry time: Fri Aug 16 22:56:44 2002
Icon: Idea  Author: eric wooten  Author Email: 
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Subject: self - registering - How It Works - or at least how i've gotten it to work 
Create a blank text file (called mine passwd.txt)
Place the text file somewhere in the elog directory structure
(I placed mine in c:\elog\passwd.txt because i wanted to use it globally 
for all logbooks.  I believe this forum places it in \elog\logbooks\forum 

For the Elogd.cfg:

; general options
Password file = c:\elog\passwd.txt
Admin user = user1
Self register = 1
Theme = default


logbook tabs = 1
tab cellpadding = 2
SMTP host =
URL = http://myelog
Password file = c:\elog\passwd.txt
Admin user = user1
Self register = 1

For the first time logging in, Click Login from the Forum Pages, then at 
the login screen, click Register as New User
Fill out all the appropriate information

Login name: user1 (seems to be case sensative)
Full name: First User
Automatic email notification:  (box checked)
Password:  password (seems to be case sensative)
Retype password:  password (seems to be case sensative)

Then click Save

If you open up the passwd.txt file you should see something like:


Some other examples based on what info you provided during the 

user1::First   (password left blank)
user1:cGFzc3dvcmQ=:First (NO Auto email Notify)
user1::First User::all (password and email address left blank)

If you leave the Full Name blank then the logged in user will not be 
reflected correctly in the logbook.

Hope this helps.

ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba