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icon5.gif   documentation fro elconv, posted by Stefan Siegel on Fri Aug 16 11:21:20 2002 
    icon3.gif   Re: documentation fro elconv, posted by Stefan Ritt on Tue Sep 10 17:22:17 2002 
Message ID: 127     Entry time: Tue Sep 10 17:22:17 2002     In reply to: 116
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Subject: Re: documentation fro elconv 
> Hi,
> is there a documentation for the elconv tool available?
> Regards,
> Stefan

I have asked Fred Pacquier who maintains the web pages to put something on, 
but he hasn't replied.

Basically you simply run "elconv" in the directory where all the *.log files 
live. The only option is the "-v" flag for verbose output. If you have 
several directories with log files, you run it once in each directory.
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