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icon5.gif   Author & pwd case sensitive ?, posted by eric wooten on Fri Aug 16 12:52:53 2002 
    icon2.gif   Re: Author & pwd case sensitive ?, posted by Stefan Ritt on Tue Sep 10 17:24:25 2002 
Message ID: 128     Entry time: Tue Sep 10 17:24:25 2002     In reply to: 117
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Subject: Re: Author & pwd case sensitive ? 
> Is it possible to make the author and pwd check case in-sensitive??  I 
> noticed that unless you type your userid and password in the same case each 
> time, the system doesn't recognize your or thinks the info is invalid.
> thanks,
> eric

Well, that's how it should be. All other systems I know like Windows NT 
Login, Linux login etc. are case-sensitive, so we should follow that standard.
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