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icon4.gif   Icons for sorted entries, posted by Stefan Siegel on Wed Sep 11 18:44:51 2002 
    icon5.gif   Re: Icons for sorted entries, posted by Stefan Ritt on Tue Sep 24 17:03:29 2002 
Message ID: 135     Entry time: Wed Sep 11 18:44:51 2002     Reply to this: 138
Icon: Warning  Author: Stefan Siegel  Author Email: 
Category: Bug report  OS:   ELOG Version:  
Subject: Icons for sorted entries 

when do a search and then sorting the outcome of the search via clicking on 
an attribute (to sort it in descending or vice versa order) there should an 
icon be displayed (up.gif or down.gif). But the icons could not be found due 
to a wrong path to the gif files: 


Be aware of the two slashes!! Should only be one.

Best regards,

ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba