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icon5.gif   problem saving elogd.cfg, posted by Mo on Mon Jul 8 17:18:05 2002 
    icon2.gif   Re: problem saving elogd.cfg, posted by Stefan Ritt on Tue Jul 9 09:25:41 2002 
Message ID: 61     Entry time: Tue Jul 9 09:25:41 2002     In reply to: 56
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Subject: Re: problem saving elogd.cfg 
> In version 2.0.4 of eLog I was having some problems with saving my 
> configuration file once I edited it on the web using the config. command.
> I keep getting the message "Cannot open file %s: elogd.cfg".  I made sure 
> the file was in the right directory.  I dont know if I am doing something 
> wrong or if its a bug?

The error display is certainly wrong. I fixed that and you can download the 
updated version at

As for the error, you should check the file permissions. If you run the 
daemon under a user which has no write access to the directory or file, you 
would get the described error.
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