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icon5.gif   Mirroring function for a full both-sides synchronization, posted by Sergei Gavrilov on Mon Feb 24 15:58:55 2020 
    icon2.gif   Re: Mirroring function for a full both-sides synchronization, posted by Stefan Ritt on Thu Apr 2 13:37:21 2020 Screenshot_2020-04-02_at_13.42.23_.png
Message ID: 69119     Entry time: Mon Feb 24 15:58:55 2020     Reply to this: 69134
Icon: Question  Author: Sergei Gavrilov  Author Email: 
Category: Question  OS: Windows  ELOG Version: V3.1.4-a04faf9f 
Subject: Mirroring function for a full both-sides synchronization 

Hello, dear ELOG's gurus.
Please help me to understand a problem with mirroring function.
It appears in ELOG V3.1.4-a04faf9f - the last official Windows release, as well as previous 3.1.3 Windows release, which I have checked for comparison.

When I'm using a manual configuration with "mirror server, cron, user" options for one (master) of two servers, it operates well, except the situation, when a new entry is submitted at the second (slave) server.
For example, for a new entry with a real ID#2 at Slave its logfile gives "NEW entry #0", so logfile of the master server gives "MIRROR: Error receiving message: Received wrong entry id "0"".
After that Master deletes this entry at Slave "MIRROR delete remote entry #2".

In case of mirror functions in both .cfg files (Master to Slave, Slave to Master) both servers hung on after the first mirror process.

Now let's imagine, what I want to do. 
Master, as a main-operation global log, is off-operation, Slave automatically becomes a reserv-operation local log with full information from Master due to previous periodic mirroring.
Users work with Slave, submit new entries - all with #0 ID.
After repairing Master starts active mirroring and just deletes all new entries from Slave.

It seems, that the problem is not with mirroring, but with a new entry ID, as was mentioned in
Were these ID#0/mirror problems resolved somehow or may be it is not a problem, but simply my errors in ELOG configuration?
Is there a chance to get an up-to-date Windows-release with working both-sides mirror function and all other addings after V3.1.4-a04faf9f ?

Best regards,

ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba