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icon5.gif   How does attributes substitution work?, posted by Gianluca Rigoletti on Fri Mar 20 14:07:59 2020 
    icon2.gif   Re: How does attributes substitution work?, posted by Stefan Ritt on Fri Mar 20 14:24:28 2020 
Message ID: 69125     Entry time: Fri Mar 20 14:07:59 2020     Reply to this: 69126
Icon: Question  Author: Gianluca Rigoletti  Author Email: 
Category: Question  OS: Linux | All  ELOG Version: 3.1.3-7933898 
Subject: How does attributes substitution work? 


Let's say I have a logboook where I define two attributes:

Comment = TOTEM Gas System Status
Attributes = Author, D, M, Y, h, min, ...

I would like to modify the "Last submission" so that I display something like %D/%M/%Y, %h:%min

so in my elogd.cfg I added this line:

Last submission = $D / $M / $Y , $h : $min by $Author

however, when display in the selection page instead of getting $min displayed i get the attribute $M+'in' displayed. How does attributes substitution work? is it case unsensitive? how does it behave when different attributes starts with the same name?

ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba