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icon5.gif   How to change name of record Id from $@MID@$., posted by John on Wed Jul 22 18:11:56 2020 
    icon2.gif   Re: How to change name of record Id from $@MID@$., posted by Stefan Ritt on Wed Jul 22 19:10:08 2020 
Message ID: 69178     Entry time: Wed Jul 22 19:10:08 2020     In reply to: 69177
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Category: Question  OS: All  ELOG Version: ELOG V3.1.2-bd7 
Subject: Re: How to change name of record Id from $@MID@$. 

No idea what you are talking about. $@MID@$ is used in the database files to indicate the start of a new message. It is not used on any elog web page. If you want to put the message ID on your web page, you should use the variable "$message id" as written in the documentation. You say JS, where is your JS running? You wrote a JS program to work on the raw elog database files? Or you wrote an extension to run in your browse? You have to be a bit clearer.


John wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I tried using this $@MID@$ in JS as a variable and cannot doit. I researched a little and found no answer on special character usage. If anyone knows, please lemme know. I also tried breifly in Elogd to change it to something like just MID, but need a better editor as  (Kate) is not saving the program back in correct iso (character) format. So I thought I'd pose the question in the meanwhile.

Thanks, John


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