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icon5.gif   Using curl to post new entries, posted by Florian Feldbauer on Wed Sep 2 10:24:58 2020 
    icon2.gif   Re: Using curl to post new entries, posted by Florian Feldbauer on Wed Sep 2 11:56:04 2020 
       icon2.gif   Re: Using curl to post new entries, posted by Stefan Ritt on Wed Sep 2 15:42:40 2020 
Message ID: 69209     Entry time: Wed Sep 2 10:24:58 2020     Reply to this: 69210
Icon: Question  Author: Florian Feldbauer  Author Email: 
Category: Question  OS: Linux  ELOG Version: 3.1.3 
Subject: Using curl to post new entries 


i'm trying to use curl to post new entries to our logbook as described here:
The Elog is installed via the Deban package on Buster.
I created a test logbook with attributes Author, Type, Category and Subject.

curl -u florian:foobaa -F cmd=Submit -F Author=Florian -F Type=Diary -F Category=General -F Subject="testing curl" -F Text="foo baa" http://localhost:8080/test
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<body OnLoad="document.form1.uname.focus();">
<form name=form1 method="POST" action="./" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<input type=hidden name=redir value="">
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<center><a class="bottomlink" title="Goto ELOG home page" href="">ELOG V3.1.3-7933898</a></center></form></body></html>


As you can see, curl only prints the login page of the logbook and no new entry has been created. Any suggestions what might go worng here?


ELOG V3.1.4-bcd7b50