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icon5.gif   Parsing log files, posted by Alan Grant on Fri Jan 8 05:48:45 2021 
    icon1.gif   Re: Parsing log files, posted by John on Fri Jan 8 06:14:49 2021 
       icon2.gif   Re: Parsing log files, posted by Alan Grant on Fri Jan 8 15:28:06 2021 
          icon2.gif   Re: Parsing log files, posted by Stefan Ritt on Fri Jan 8 15:35:35 2021 
    icon2.gif   Re: Parsing log files, posted by Lagarde on Wed Apr 7 17:11:28 2021 
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Category: Question  OS: Linux | Windows  ELOG Version: 3.1.2 
Subject: Re: Parsing log files 

Hi Al; if I understand your situation correctly you want to access Elog db (logbooks) via another way. There are many ways depending on your knowledge, type of work needed, and ease of use. I have found that accessing whatever I need via Elog gui is satisfactory in many situations-- by simply exporting. THEN take the raw csv/xml  file and manipulte it more easily from there. There are MANY free web sites that will take your data then, and put it in still another format that you choose (usually manipulating the rows/columns to your liking or doing mail-merge type work on your data). BTW WPS (Windows Office clone) is awesome at further 'mail-merg'  techniques. THEN at that point you may have close to what you are trying to accomplish. I've also used PHP alot in this type of situation and have replicated Elog's data format for it's db (logbooks)..; so PHP is great in this maner, although of course it takes time to 'get-it-right' if you are not well versed in it. If you go into detail more of what type of format you want as the finalized product, maybe  more suggestions will be made.

Happy belated New Years everyone,


Alan Grant wrote:

Sometimes we change the attributes in a config file for a given tab as time goes on, which naturally can get out of sync with the older data in that tab.

I can imagine some other Elog users have encounterd this too at some point so I'm wondering if there's a utilty or some way anyone knows of that I can use to parse a log file DIRECTLY to view the older data, without using the Elog GUI?


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