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icon1.gif   Bug: "Append on edit" triggers too often, posted by Faith on Tue May 4 14:45:47 2021 
    icon2.gif   Re: Bug: "Append on edit" triggers too often, posted by Sebastian Schenk on Tue May 4 15:24:56 2021 
Message ID: 69364     Entry time: Tue May 4 15:24:56 2021     In reply to: 69363
Icon: Reply  Author: Sebastian Schenk  Author Email: 
Category: Bug report  OS: Linux  ELOG Version: 3.1.2 
Subject: Re: Bug: "Append on edit" triggers too often 

I can confirm the issue also for "prepend on edit".
To be more precise, it gets executed everytime the condition state changes, if placed in the config without condition, or if placed in a condition, everytime the condition gets activated.

Faith wrote:

The command "Append on edit = " is getting executed everytime, when a dropdown menu is changed. This happens even at the first creation of an entry, so the append text stucks up multiple times in the text body.


ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba