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icon4.gif   $attribute replacement fails occasionally, posted by Chris Körner on Sat Nov 27 21:48:41 2021 
    icon2.gif   Re: $attribute replacement fails occasionally, posted by Chris Körner on Sat Dec 4 13:03:32 2021 Screenshot_2021-12-04_130843.jpg
Message ID: 69428     Entry time: Sat Dec 4 13:03:32 2021     In reply to: 69424
Icon: Reply  Author: Chris Körner  Author Email: 
Category: Bug report  OS: Linux  ELOG Version: 3.14 
Subject: Re: $attribute replacement fails occasionally 

This problen drives me crazy. Under some circumstances the List Change <attribute> function does not replace $attribute. It happens at random circumstances when I use the Find function to search all logbooks. In the resulting list, it fails reproducibly for certain entries of certain logbooks. But I cannot find what is special about those lokbooks or entries. In different Find requests it works perfectly fine. 

I have added a screenshot. The yellow button is created by this command in [global] for all logbooks. It makes no difference to define it in all [logbook] sections. I would really appreciate help to debug this. 

List Change Sample-ID        = <a href="page?mode=summary&reverse=1&all=1&Sample-ID=$Sample-ID$&sort=Date" class="id_div">$Sample-ID</a>

Chris Körner wrote:


In our setup we have multiple logbooks. I want a convenient way to search all logbooks for an attribute (in our case with the name Sample-ID) by just clicking it in the list display of any logbook.Therefore, in the [global] section I put "List Change Sample-ID = <a href="$logbook/?all=1&Sample-ID=$Sample-ID"</a>. This transforms the attribute in list display into a hyperlink to the search results page. So far this works fine. In the results page, of course the option also applies, meaning the attribute is replaced by the link as well. But here something odd happens and the replacement does not work. The intended behavior is to replace $logbook in the link with the name of the logbook. Sometimes, however, the replacement yields something like "logbook" (missing $ and thus not replacing anything) or even weirder something like "60logbook". I have no idea what causes this.


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