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icon1.gif   ladp Invalid user name or password!, posted by Fred Nerks on Wed May 11 09:54:17 2022 
    icon2.gif   Re: ladp Invalid user name or password!, posted by Fred Nerks on Mon May 23 07:48:40 2022 
Message ID: 69533     Entry time: Wed May 11 09:54:17 2022     Reply to this: 69534
Icon: Entry  Author: Fred Nerks  Author Email: 
Category: Question  OS: Windows  ELOG Version: current 
Subject: ladp Invalid user name or password! 

Hi I am running elog on windows 2022 server and trying to use ldap for Auth.

No matter what i do I cannot get it to authenticate against the DC.

Invalid user name or password!

11-May-2022 17:09:15 [] {TrainingHouse1} LOGIN user "xxxxx" (attempt)

Using an LDAP browser I can connect to the DC without issue so not firewall.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

port = 5050
Page title = Elog Training
Entries per page = 25
Password file = password.pwd
List page title = Elog Training
Login page title = Elog Training
Show top groups = 0
Logbook tabs = 0
Menu commands = Back, New, Find, Download, Logout
List Menu commands = New, Find, Logout
Self register = 0
Max content length = 100000
Allow password change = 0
Enable attachments = 0
Show attachments = 0
Hide attachments = 1
List after submit = 1
Logout to main = 0
Allowed encoding = 5
Default encoding = 1
Welcome title = Elog Training LogBook.
## Welcome title = <font size=5 color=white>Elog Training LogBook </font><img src="elog.png">
Summary lines = 5
Summary line length = 100
Search all logbooks = 0
Refresh = 300
Login expiration = 0
Reply string = 
Suppress default = 2
Thread display = $category entered by $author on $Entry time
Thread icon = Icon
Preset on reply author = $long_name
All display limit = 300
Start page = ?last=31
Bottom text =
Bottom text login = <font size=5 color=Red><center></br>ELOG Training web site</center></font>

Hidden = 0
Authentication = LDAP, File
LDAP server = ldap://
LDAP userbase = OU=Users,OU=CP,DC=xxxx,DC=xxxx,DC=xxxx,DC=xxxx,DC=au
LDAP login attribute = uid
LDAP register = 0
Theme = default
Comment =Training House 1 LogBook
Preset Author = $long_name
Locked Attributes = Author
Attributes = Category, Codes, Residents Involved, Medical, Synopsis, Event Date, Author
Options Synopsis = Yes, No
MOptions Medical = Yes
MOptions Residents Involved = Pleaseadd, Test User
Extendable options = Residents Involved
Style Synopsis Yes = background-color:yellow
Style Medical Yes = background-color:green
Type Event Date = datetime
Preset Event Date = $datetime
Date format %A %B %d %Y %H:%M 
List Display = ID, Event Date, Category, Medical, Codes, Residents Involved, Synopsis, Date, Author
MOptions Category = Assault, Death, Fire, Illness, Inappropriate Sexualised Behaviour, Injury To Child, Injury To Staff, Property Damage, Self-Harm, Substance Misuse, Theft/Loss, Threat
Required Attributes = Author, Event Date, Codes
Style Codes MED = background-color:green
Page Title = DCP Elog Training
Reverse sort = 1
Quick filter = Date, Category, Codes, Medical,
Sort Attributes = Event Date
Logfile = traininghouse1.log
Logging level = 3
Bottom text =

ELOG V3.1.4-bcd7b50