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icon4.gif   elogd.cfg cannot be saved, posted by Mo on Thu Jul 25 19:17:13 2002 
    icon2.gif   Re: elogd.cfg cannot be saved, posted by Stefan Ritt on Fri Jul 26 10:47:21 2002 
Message ID: 85     Entry time: Thu Jul 25 19:17:13 2002     Reply to this: 86
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Subject: elogd.cfg cannot be saved 
    In the newest version of eLog, I was having trouble saving the 
configurations once I change them through the web interface.  I can change 
them and save them fine if I do it in notepad; but that way you have to 
restart the elogd server.  I think this is a bug on the new version unless 
I am doing something wrong.  Also I was wondering if you were going to add 
any of the wish list items on version 2.0.6 (Conditional attributes seems 
to have the most votes and would be an extremely helpful feature!! :-).  
Thank You.

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