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icon5.gif   problem with required attributes, posted by Stefan Siegel on Wed Aug 7 15:43:28 2002 
    icon2.gif   Re: problem with required attributes, posted by Stefan Ritt on Wed Aug 7 15:51:18 2002 
Message ID: 93     Entry time: Wed Aug 7 15:51:18 2002     In reply to: 92
Icon: Reply  Author: Stefan Ritt  Author Email: 
Category: Bug report  OS:   ELOG Version:  
Subject: Re: problem with required attributes 
> When an entry is submitted with an required attribute missing one gets to 
> the resubmit page. When you the click your browsers back button all 
> previously filled attribute field are blank.
> Is there a workaround to get the old text back?
> used versions:
> Elog 2.0.5
> Netscape 4.76
> Best regards,
> Stefan

This problem must be specific to NS 4.76, I don't have it on IE, NS 6, Mozilla
1, Opera etc. Maybe you should upgrade. Anybody else made this observation? 
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