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icon5.gif   self-registration, posted by tony summerfelt on Fri Aug 9 21:10:20 2002 
    icon2.gif   Re: self-registration, posted by Stefan Ritt on Sat Aug 10 13:00:26 2002 elogd.cfg
       icon2.gif   Re: self-registration, posted by tony summerfelt on Sun Aug 11 18:45:08 2002 
Message ID: 99     Entry time: Sat Aug 10 13:00:26 2002     In reply to: 98     Reply to this: 100
Icon: Reply  Author: Stefan Ritt  Author Email: 
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Subject: Re: self-registration 
> i seem to be unable to find a clear explanation of how to enable self-
registration in the docs.
> just to be sure i grepped the doc directory, but the two references to it 
were in the changelog and the faq.
> it could be just me but i'm not reading between the lines or connecting the 
various places in the docs to get it going :/

Sorry, I haven't fully documented it yet, will do on Monday next week. For 
now, see the configuration file for this forum which is attached.
Attachment 1: elogd.cfg  2 kB  | Hide | Hide all
logbook tabs = 1
tab cellpadding = 2
SMTP host =
user = midas
group = midas

Theme = default
Comment = General linux Tips & Tricks
Data dir = /usr/local/elogdemo/logbooks/Linux
Attributes = Author, Type, Icon, Category, Subject
Options Type = Routine, Software Installation, Problem Fixed, Configuration, Tips & Tricks, Info, Other
IOptions Icon = icon1.gif, icon3.gif, icon4.gif, icon5.gif, icon6.gif, icon7.gif, icon8.gif, icon12.gif, icon13.gif, icon14.gif
Options Category = General, Hardware, Software, Network, Applications, Shell, Account, Packages, Daemons, Other
Required Attributes = Author
Subst Author = $author
Summary on default = 1
Summary lines = 0
Email all =
Email message body = 1

Theme = default
Comment = Demo of database-like elog
Data dir = /usr/local/elogdemo/logbooks/database
Attributes = Type, Operating system, Location, Status, Comment
Required Attributes = Type, Operating system, Location, Status
Options Type = PC, Router, Bridge
Options Operating system = Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows ME, Embedded
Options Location = Building1, Building2, Building3
Options Status = working, defect, in repair
Show text = 0
Start page = ?cmd=Search&mode=summary
Display search = #, Type, Location, Status
Summary lines = 0
Find menu commands = New, Find, Last
Menu commands = Back, New, Edit, Delete, Find, Config, Help
Number Attachments = 0
Suppress default = 2
Entries per page = 10

; general options
Password file = /usr/local/elogdemo/logbooks/forum/passwd
Admin user = stefan
Self register = 1
Theme = default
Comment = Discussion forum about ELOG
Data dir = /usr/local/elogdemo/logbooks/forum
Display mode = threaded
Start page = ?cmd=Search&mode=threaded
Menu commands = Back, New, Edit, Reply, Find, Last day, Last 10, Admin, Config, Logout, Help
Find menu commands = New, Find, Last x, Admin, Config, Logout, Help
Guest menu commands = Back, Find, Login, Help
Guest find menu commands = Find, Login, Help
Number Attachments = 1
Message comment = <img src=icons/icon6.gif> Please enter only serious messages here, for testing use the <b>Linux</b> Logbook:
Filtered browsing = 0
Entries per page = 8
Reverse sort = 1
Restrict edit = 1

; Attributes
Attributes = Icon, Author, Author Email, Category, Subject
IOptions Icon = icon1.gif, icon2.gif, icon3.gif, icon4.gif, icon5.gif, 
Options Category = Info, Bug report, Bug fix, Question, Request, Comment, Other
icon6.gif, icon7.gif, icon8.gif, icon12.gif, icon13.gif, icon14.gif
Required Attributes = Author, Author Email, Subject, Icon
Subst on reply subject = Re: $subject
Thread display = $subject, posted by $author on $Entry date
Thread icon = Icon
Remove on reply = Author, Author Email
Date format = %B %d, %Y
Preset Author = $long_name
Preset Author Email = $user_email
Locked Attributes = Author

; Email notification
Email message body = 1
Display Email recipients = 0
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