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  69228   Sun Sep 27 16:40:16 2020 Reply Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comBug reportWindows2006Re: Loose of DataThe solution is in the reindex 

  69227   Sun Sep 27 16:10:06 2020 Reply Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comBug reportWindows2006Re: Loose of DataOh! I can view all data but only from the
PC where ELOG is Installed !

From the other PC data missed.
  69226   Sun Sep 27 16:03:48 2020 Warning Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comBug reportWindows2006Loose of DataHi,

Since few days I Notice that I've
some data who disappear from ELOG (software).
  69225   Wed Sep 23 11:51:57 2020 Reply Andreykowaraj4stuff@gmail.comBug reportLinuxELOG V3.1.4-493SOLVEDHi again. We have solved our problem! 

It was caused by a non-defined
mod_auth_openidc configuration parameter:
  69224   Tue Sep 22 18:54:04 2020 Question Andreykowaraj4stuff@gmail.comBug reportLinuxELOG V3.1.4-493Bug report. "Submit" button misbehaveHi. 

I am an IT guy of the AMS collaboration
at CERN. We have been using your wonderful
  69223   Tue Sep 22 09:27:45 2020 Reply Florian Query to get values for AttributesThanks for the tipp. I managed to use XPATH
to get the values for my Type and Category
  69222   Mon Sep 21 20:03:49 2020 Idea Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionLinux3.1.3Re: Query to get values for AttributesThat would be a nice feature...

If you are good in parsing HTML
you can achieve this feature: when you create
  69221   Mon Sep 21 09:17:52 2020 Question Florian to get values for AttributesHey,

I'm trying to integrate the
Elog into our SlowControl System (Phoebus/EPICS).
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba