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  69089   Fri Jan 24 14:56:04 2020 Warning Sara Vaninivanini.sara@gmail.comBug reportLinux3.1.3editor hangs intermittentlyHello,

I'm using ELOG with Ubuntu
19. When I create or edit an entry and I
  69099   Fri Jan 31 15:17:04 2020 Warning Laurent Jean-Rigaudlollspam@free.frBug reportLinux3.14 RPMElogd crashes on searchOS: CentOS 7 x86_64 up2date with RPM 3.14

Connexion to ELOG
  69135   Tue Apr 14 13:26:50 2020 Warning Stefano Lacaprarastefano.lacaprara@pd.infn.itBug reportLinuxELOG V3.1.3-very long subject cause buffer overflowHi,
  I'm using elog 313 on an ubuntu server.
  69217   Sun Sep 13 09:13:31 2020 Warning Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comQuestionWindows2006view connecting accountHi All,

Can I view who is connected to
ELOG (I'm the Admin) ?
  69226   Sun Sep 27 16:03:48 2020 Warning Lahreche Abdelmadjidabdelmadjid.lahreche@yahoo.comBug reportWindows2006Loose of DataHi,

Since few days I Notice that I've
some data who disappear from ELOG (software).
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba