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  67528   Tue Jun 4 15:00:23 2013 Reply David Sorting by numeric attribute (not entry ID).> > By default, elog enties are sorted by
their ID number.  When viewing a logbook
in Full or Summary, they are
  67527   Tue Jun 4 13:26:02 2013 Reply Martin Rongenmartin.rongen@rwth-aachen.deQuestionLinux2.9.2Re: Daemonizing vs. shell execution


  67526   Tue Jun 4 12:38:01 2013 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chBug fixAll2.9.2-2481Re: Export entries to XLS or CSV?


  67525   Tue Jun 4 12:03:18 2013 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionLinux2.9.2-2475Re: Sorting by numeric attribute (not entry ID).> By default, elog enties are sorted by their
ID number.  When viewing a logbook in Full
or Summary, they are
  67524   Mon Jun 3 20:02:38 2013 Question David by numeric attribute (not entry ID).By default, elog enties are sorted by their
ID number.  When viewing a logbook in Full
or Summary, they are
  67523   Mon Jun 3 15:53:22 2013 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionLinux2.9.2Re: Daemonizing vs. shell execution


  67522   Mon Jun 3 15:49:33 2013 Reply Martin Rongenmartin.rongen@rwth-aachen.deInfoLinux2.6.0Re: "full" only changes color[quote="Kees Bol"]Hi,
I have the strange problem that when changing
to "full"-diplaymode the output looks the
  67521   Mon Jun 3 15:44:46 2013 Entry Martin Rongenmartin.rongen@rwth-aachen.deQuestionLinux2.9.2Daemonizing vs. shell executionHi all
I have setup an logbook that executes
a number of shell scripts to preset attributes
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