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  69216   Sat Sep 12 19:19:02 2020 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionAllV2.9.2-2455Re: Insert images slow downs the ELOGI found the most limiting factor of ELOG
to be the file access. ELOG stores all entries
in files and therefore has a lot of disk
  69215   Wed Sep 9 11:41:23 2020 Question Zbigniew Reszelazreszela@cells.esQuestionAllV2.9.2-2455Insert images slow downs the ELOGDear all,

First, many thanks for creating
and sharing this great tool which is ELOG!
  69214   Wed Sep 9 10:33:58 2020 Reply Andreas Luedekeandreas.luedeke@psi.chQuestionWindowslatestRe: field selections persist across new log entries?It is probably possible, but requires
a big of a hack.

Whenever you
save a new entry or edit an old one, you
  69213   Tue Sep 8 16:35:14 2020 Reply Sebastian Schenksebastian.schenk@physik.uni-halle.deQuestionWindowslatestRe: field selections persist across new log entries?As far as I know, it is not possible, if
you make a "new" entry.
You could configure the elog, to always
  69212   Tue Sep 8 14:22:11 2020 Question Anthony Krishockajkrishock@verizon.netQuestionWindowslatestfield selections persist across new log entries?All,


I am using elog as an observation
  69211   Wed Sep 2 15:42:40 2020 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chQuestionLinux3.1.3Re: Using curl to post new entriesThis is correct. The elogd daemon needs
username and password in parameters "unm"
and "upwd". The password must be
  69210   Wed Sep 2 11:56:04 2020 Reply Florian Using curl to post new entriesAfter going through the code of the Python
I tried the following:
  69209   Wed Sep 2 10:24:58 2020 Question Florian curl to post new entriesHey,

i'm trying to use curl to post
new entries to our logbook as described here:
ELOG V3.1.4-80633ba