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  57   Mon Jul 8 19:42:13 2002 Warning H. Scheith.scheit@mpi-hd.mpg.deBug report  elog submit without user and passwordWith elog it is possible to submit messages
to a password protected
logbook without specifying the -u option.
  58   Mon Jul 8 21:01:00 2002 Question Christian KorschanChristian.Korschan@CTBTO.ORGBug report  Compiling elog 2.0.4 on SolarisComiling elogd 2.0.4 under Solaris obviously
fails with
  59   Mon Jul 8 22:50:16 2002 Question Scott Fenstermacherdsfens@wm.eduQuestion  Where can I get more information on the config fileWhere can I get more information about the
config and themes file. I
downloaded the latest version (2.0.4) and
  60   Tue Jul 9 09:18:05 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chInfo  Re: Where can I get more information on the config file> Where can I get more information about the
config and themes file. I
> downloaded the latest version (2.0.4) and
  61   Tue Jul 9 09:25:41 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chInfo  Re: problem saving elogd.cfg> In version 2.0.4 of eLog I was having some
problems with saving my 
> configuration file once I edited it on
  62   Tue Jul 9 09:33:47 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chBug fix  Re: Compiling elog 2.0.4 on Solaris> Comiling elogd 2.0.4 under Solaris obviously
fails with
  63   Tue Jul 9 10:58:18 2002 Reply Stefan Rittstefan.ritt@psi.chComment  Re: elog submit without user and password> With elog it is possible to submit messages
to a password protected
> logbook without specifying the -u option.
  64   Tue Jul 9 15:28:33 2002 Reply H. Scheith.scheit@mpi-hd.mpg.deComment  Re: elog submit without user and password> > With elog it is possible to submit messages
to a password protected
> > logbook without specifying the -u option.
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