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  7   Mon Sep 21 11:04:32 2015 Stefan RittRoutineSoftwareDownload whole Web sites with
To download whole web sites recursively, use

wget -m <URL>

where -m (mirror) does a recursive download of up to five levels and only 
downloads files which are newer than the local copy.
  6   Mon Sep 21 11:04:12 2015 Stefan RittRoutineSoftwareRectangle commands for EMACS
- Set mark at current cursor position:


- Define opposite corner of rectangle:

  Move cursor to position

- Fill current rectangle with blanks:

  Ctrl-X,R,O  (open rectangle)

- Erase current rectangle:

  Ctrl-X,R,K  (kill rectangle)

- Copy current rectangle into internal buffer:

  Ctrl-X,R,R  (register rectangle)

- Paste (yank back) rectangle from internal buffer:

  Ctrl-X,R,Y  (yank rectangle)
  5   Mon Sep 21 11:03:40 2015 Stefan RittConfigurationOtherApache restricted access
- create user/password file:

  htpasswd -c /etc/httpd/conf/users pibeta

- configure Apache in access.conf:

# Restrict access to pibeta for "resstricted" directory

<Directory /home/pibeta/WWW/restricted>
AuthName "restricted"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/conf/users
require valid-user

- restart Apache

  killall -HUP httpd
  4   Mon Sep 21 11:03:22 2015 Stefan RittConfigurationNetworkFull Duplex

  alias eth0 eepro100
  options eepro100 options=0x30
See parameters at

And for 3c59x (PSI stock):

  alias eth0 3c59x
  options eth0 options=20 full_duplex=1

  3   Mon Sep 21 11:02:53 2015 Stefan RittConfigurationNetworkPort forwarding
- obtain

- Install RPM:

  rpm -i ipmasqadm-0.4.2-3.i386.rpm

- Example fast/telnet -> node1/telnet

  modprobe ip_masq_portfw.o
  ipmasqadm portfw -f
  ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L 23 -R 23

  2   Mon Sep 21 11:01:52 2015 Stefan RittConfigurationNetworkNIS
! Note: at least two user entries in passwd file necessary !


- authconfig: enable NIS, domain "fast", server "fast", use shadow, MD5

- /etc/rc.d/init.d/ypserv start
  /etc/rc.d/init.d/ypbind start

- /var/yp/Makefile:
  # shadow -> shadow #
  netgrp   -> # netgrp

- /var/yp/secureent:

- /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m

- Test: ypcat passwd
        ypmatch stefan passwd


- remove users from passwd/shadow

- [brsh] authconfig --enablenis --nisdomain fast --nisserver fast \
                    --useshadow --enablemd5 --kickstart

Update (after useradd)

cd /var/yp; make
  1   Mon Sep 21 11:01:23 2015 SRRoutineHardwareWelcome to this ELOG demo

welcome to this ELOG demonstration. It contains a logbook for Linux Tips & 
Tricks. You can use the arrow buttons on the top right corner to browse 
this logbook, use the "Find" link to search for certain entries in the 
logbook and the "New" link to enter a new entry. The write access is not 
password protected so everybody can submit entries, since this is just a 
demonstration. Each submission causes an automatic email notification to 
the author.

When submitting entries, attachments can be added just like with email 
programs. This entry for example contains a JPG attachment and a text 

Stefan Ritt <>
Attachment 1: psi.png
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