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Message ID: 102     Entry time: Sat Mar 5 00:52:32 2016
Type: Article 
Authors: A. M. Baldini et. al. (MEG Collaboration) 
Title: Measurement of the radiative decay of polarized muons in the MEG experiment 
Location and Date of Conference:  
Journal: Eur. Phys. J. C 
Volume: 76 (3) 
Page: 108 
Year: 2016 
Year of proceedings:  
arXiv:1312.3217 [hep-ex]
Attachment 1: Baldini_et_al._-_2016_-_Measurement_of_the_radiative_decay_of_polarized_muons_in_the_MEG_experiment.pdf  761 kB  Uploaded Sat Mar 5 19:07:19 2016  | Show | Show all
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