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Message ID: 112     Entry time: Wed Jun 7 19:06:56 2017
Type: Conference with proceedings 
Authors: Miki Nishimura on behalf of the MEG II collaboration 
Title: A Pixelated Positron Timing Counter with Fast Plastic Scintillator Readout by SiPMs for the MEG II 
Conference: TIPP 2014 
Location and Date of Conference: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2-6 Jun., 2014 
Journal: PoS 
Volume: PoS(TIPP2014) 
Page: 313 
Year: 2014 
Year of proceedings: 2014 
Attachment 1: TIPP2014_313.pdf  839 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 7 20:09:19 2017  | Hide | Hide all
TIPP2014_313.pdf TIPP2014_313.pdf TIPP2014_313.pdf TIPP2014_313.pdf
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