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Message ID: 121     Entry time: Wed Jun 7 21:43:12 2017
Type: Article 
Authors: M. De Gerone, S. Dussoni, K. Fratini, F. Gatti, R. Valle, G. Boca, P. W. Cattaneo, R.Nard` o, M. Rossella, L. Galli, M. Grassi, D. Nicol` o, Y. Uchiyama, D. Zanello 
Title: Development and commissioning of the Timing Counter for the MEG Experiment 
Location and Date of Conference:  
Journal: IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 
Volume: 59 
Page: 379-388 
Year: 2012 
Year of proceedings:  

Attachment 1: De_Gerone_et_al._-_2012_-_Development_and_Commissioning_of_the_Timing_Counter_for_the_MEG_Experiment.pdf  2.155 MB  Uploaded Wed Jun 7 22:48:50 2017  | Show | Show all
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