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Message ID: 15     Entry time: Mon Mar 10 14:32:26 2003
Type: Conference with proceedings 
Authors: S.Mihara, T.Doke, Y.Kamiya, T.Mashimo, T.Mori, H.Nishiguchi, W.Ootani, S.Orito, K.Ozone, R.Sawada, S.Suzuki, G.Tejima, K.Terasawa, K.Yahagi, M.Yamashita, and J.Yashima 
Title: Development of a Liquid Xe Photon Detector for m->eg Decay Search Experiment at PSI 
Conference: IEEE NSS/MIC 2000 
Location and Date of Conference: Lyon, France, 15-20 Oct, 2000 
Journal: IEEE TNS 
Volume: 49 
Page: 588-591 
Year: 2002 
Year of proceedings:  
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