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Message ID: 45     Entry time: Tue Dec 6 18:18:25 2005
Type: Conference with proceedings 
Authors: A. Baldini, C. Bemporad, F. Cei, T. Doke, M. Grassi, T. Haruyama, K. Kasami, P-R. Kettle, A. Maki, S. Mihara, T. Mori, D. NicolÚ, H. Nishiguchi, W. Ootani, K. Ozone, A. Papa, R. Pazzi, S. Ritt, R. Sawada, M. Schneebeli, F. Sergiampietri, G. Signorelli*, S. Suzuki, K. Terasawa, M. Yamashita, S. Yamashita, T. Yoshimura, Yu. Yuri 
Title: Transparency of a 100 liter liquid xenon scintillation calorimeter prototype and measurement of its energy resolution for 55 MeV photons  
Conference: International Conference on Dielectric Liquids, ICDL2005 
Location and Date of Conference: Coimbra, June 26-July 1 2005 
Journal: Dielectric Liquids, 2005. ICDL 2005. 2005 IEEE International Conference on 
Page: 337 - 340  
Year: 2005 
Year of proceedings: 2005 
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