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Message ID: 91     Entry time: Fri May 27 12:46:40 2011
Type: Conference with proceedings 
Authors: Luca Galli 
Title: muegamma search with the MEG experiment: results and perspectives 
Conference: Les Rescontres de Physique de la Vale� D'Aoste 
Location and Date of Conference: La Thuile February 27 - March 5 2011 
Year: 2011 
Year of proceedings: 2011 

 Dear all,

in attachment the conference proceedings prepared for the Les Rescontres de Physique de la Valeè D'Aoste conference.


Any comments and suggestion even if the deadline for the submission is next Monday, sorry for

the very short notice.


Luca Galli

Attachment 1: lathuile2011.pdf  787 kB  | Show | Show all
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