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2004, Article, Liquid Xe scintillation calorimetry and Xe optical properties, , physics/0401072 
2004, Conference with proceedings, THE MEG DETECTOR TO SEARCH FOR μ → eγ DECAYS, HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, ICHEP 2004, Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference 
2004, Conference with proceedings, Liquid Xenon Scintillation Detector for the MEG Experiment, IEEE/NSS Conference, Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2004 IEEE 
2003, Progress Report, January 2003, PSI Review Jan. 03,  
2003, Article, Development of a Liquid Xenon Photon Detector -Toward the Search for a Muon Rare Decay Mode at Paul Scherrer Institut-, , Cryogenics Engineering(in Japanese) cryogenics.pdf
2003, Conference with proceedings, R&D work on a liquid-xenon photon detector for the mu->eg experiment at PSI, NuFact'01, NIMA 
2003, Conference, MEG experiment: A new experiment to search for mu->e gamma at PSI, XXII International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, poster session,  
2003, Conference with proceedings, The DRS chip: cheap waveform digitizing in the GHz range, 9th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, NIMA 
2003, Conference, MIDAS short course, 13th IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference,  
2003, Conference with proceedings, R&D work on a Liquid Xenon Detector for the m->eg Experiment at PSI, 9th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors , NIMA 
2003, Article, Capacitive level meter for liquid rare gases, , Cryogenics levelmeter.pdf
2003, Conference with proceedings, Development of a Thin-wall Superconducting Magnet for the Positron Spectrometer in the MEG Experiment, 18th International Conference on Magnet Technology, IEEE in Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 4A-P07.pdf
2003, Conference with proceedings, The MEG experiment at PSI: a sensitive search for mu-> e gamma decay., XV IFAE,  ifae2003.pdf
2002, Conference with proceedings, Electronics for the mu -> e gamma experiment, 8th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics (INSTR02), NIMA nima.pdf
2002, Progress Report, January 2002, PSI Review Jan. 02,  
2002, Progress Report, July 2002, PSI Review July 02,  
2002, Article, Boiling heat transfer characteristics of liquid xenon, , Adv. Cryog. Eng. 
2002, Conference, Cryogenic performance of a 120 L liquid xenon photon calorimeter, ICEC19,  
2002, PSI Annual report, Liquid Xenon Purification Studies for the MEG (mu-->e gamma) Photon Calorimeter, , PSI Annual Report 02 
2002, PSI Annual report, Beam Line Studies for the MEG Experiment (mu --> e gamma), , PSI Annual Report 02 
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