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2003, Conference with proceedings, Development of a Thin-wall Superconducting Magnet for the Positron Spectrometer in the MEG Experiment, 18th International Conference on Magnet Technology, IEEE in Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 4A-P07.pdf
2003, Conference with proceedings, The MEG experiment at PSI: a sensitive search for mu-> e gamma decay., XV IFAE,  ifae2003.pdf
2002, Conference with proceedings, Electronics for the mu -> e gamma experiment, 8th International Conference on Instrumentation for Colliding Beam Physics (INSTR02), NIMA nima.pdf
2002, Progress Report, January 2002, PSI Review Jan. 02,  
2002, Progress Report, July 2002, PSI Review July 02,  
2002, Article, Boiling heat transfer characteristics of liquid xenon, , Adv. Cryog. Eng. 
2002, Conference, Cryogenic performance of a 120 L liquid xenon photon calorimeter, ICEC19,  
2002, PSI Annual report, Liquid Xenon Purification Studies for the MEG (mu-->e gamma) Photon Calorimeter, , PSI Annual Report 02 
2002, PSI Annual report, Beam Line Studies for the MEG Experiment (mu --> e gamma), , PSI Annual Report 02 
2002, Conference with proceedings, Development of a Liquid Xe Photon Detector for m->eg Decay Search Experiment at PSI, IEEE NSS/MIC 2000, IEEE TNS 
2002, Conference with proceedings, The MEG experiment: status and prospects, NUFACT '02, J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 
2002, Conference with proceedings, Search for the Lepton Flavour Violating decay mu --> e gamma, Heavy Quarks & Leptons 2002 (HQ&L 2002), Frascati Physics Series 
2002, Conference with proceedings, Development of a liquid xenon scintillation detector for a new experiment to search for mu->e gamma decays, Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications 2002, NIMA rma_ootani.pdf
2002, Conference, Status of MEG Experiment, International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at 50-GeV PS,  
2002, Conference, The Detector for the New mu -> e gamma Experiment MEG, 31st International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP02),  
2001, Progress Report, January 2001, PSI Review Jan. 01,  
2001, PSI Annual report, The MSCB bus, , PSI Annual Report 01
2001, PSI Annual report, MUEGAMMA Prototype Timing Counter Tests, , PSI Annual Report 01 
2001, Conference, Search for the Lepton-Flavour Violating (LFV) Decay mu --> e gamma, Annual Meeting of the Swiss Physical Society,  
2001, Conference with proceedings, Status and Future of mu -> e gamma: the PSI Experiment, Fifth KEK Topical Conference -- Frontiers in Flavor Physics, Nucl. Phys. 
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