ELOG download page  

ELOG is distributed both as source code and as precompiled binaries for various platforms. In addition to major versions, minor releases are made containing bug fixes or some new and not yet completely debugged code. This is usually the case if some user asks for some new features, which are then implemented and sent to the user for testing. The minor releases are named x.y.z-r where r is the release number. A web access to the source code contains the complete development history of ELOG, plus the newest fixes and features which might yet be in a release. To check out the GIT repository, use:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/ritt/elog --recursive

Building elogd and installing it from the GIT repository works in the same way as building it from the tarball. Issue in the elog directory a "make", followed by a "make install".

News for each version can be seen in the changelog

ELOG source code

The source code is available as a good old TAR file. Select elog-latest.tar.gz unless you want to download a previous version. Untar the file with

tar -zxvf elog-latest.tar.gz

and compile it with "make". Then follow the instructions on how to install the server on a Linux system.

Windows Binaries

The windows binaries are distributed with an automatic installer. Execute the installer to install ELOG and to register the elogd server as a windows service. Previous windows versions can be found here.

Linux Binaries

Linux binaries are distributed as RPMs. Credits go to Laurent Jean-Rigaud for integrating the RPM generation inside the bitbucket pipeline.

Thanks to Roger Kalt there is also a Debian package.