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Entry  Wed Jul 21 10:46:32 2010, Jinhong Wang, ENOB of DRS 
    Reply  Wed Jul 21 10:58:20 2010, Stefan Ritt, ENOB of DRS 
Message ID: 106     Entry time: Wed Jul 21 10:46:32 2010     Reply to this: 107
Author: Jinhong Wang 
Subject: ENOB of DRS 

 Hi, Stefan, I see in your ppt "Design and performance of 6 GSPS waveform digitizing chip DRS4" , you define DRS4 ENOB as 1Vpp/0.35mv(RMS) = 11.5bit, where, 1Vpp is the linearity input range, and 0.35mv is the rms voltage after offset correction. What I understand is that 0.35mV is obtained from DC offset Correction, hence 11.5 bit is for DC input, am i right?  If true, what about ENOB for AC input in the whole analog bandwidth?  thanks~

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