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Entry  Wed Jun 1 09:57:43 2011, Martin Petriska, Removing spikes 
    Reply  Thu Jun 2 21:01:29 2011, Stefan Ritt, Removing spikes 
Message ID: 120     Entry time: Thu Jun 2 21:01:29 2011     In reply to: 119
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Removing spikes 

Martin Petriska wrote:

I have DSR4 eval board. Found that there are spikes in channels. Procedure Osc::RemoveSpikes to remove them looks litlle dificult. There is simple way, if you doesnt need to measure all 4 channels.Spikes are in all channels, and it looks like they are same in time and value between channels. To remove them, if you are not using one channel, substract that unused channel with spikes from used channel and your data will be without spikes. If you need all 4 inputs, then may be channel 9 could be substracted.

Indeed that's what I had before. If you don't need the 9th channels, you can use it to identify the spikes. But we have applications where we need all 9 channels. That's why I made Osc::RemoveSpikes a bit more complicated, so it will still work when all 9 channels are used. This new version is release 3.1.0. If you just blindly subtract the 9th channel, your noise could increase by a sqrt(2). 

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