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Entry  Thu Jan 19 23:26:26 2012, Heejong Kim, drs_exam.cpp for evaluation board version 4 
    Reply  Fri Jan 20 08:09:38 2012, Stefan Ritt, drs_exam.cpp for evaluation board version 4 drs_exam.cpp
       Reply  Fri Jan 20 23:50:39 2012, Heejong Kim, drs_exam.cpp for evaluation board version 4 
Message ID: 144     Entry time: Fri Jan 20 23:50:39 2012     In reply to: 143
Author: Heejong Kim 
Subject: drs_exam.cpp for evaluation board version 4 

Stefan Ritt wrote:

Heejong Kim wrote:


I'm using DRS4 evaluation board version4 in Linux (Scientific Linux 5).

Version4 software (drs-4.0.0) was installed without any troubles.

The oscilloscope interfrace program (drsosc) is working fine with version4 software.

But when I tried drs_exam program, it doesn't work as expected.

(500 mV positive (width 50ns)  pulse is connected to Ch#1).

It keeps waiting trigger in the first event.

In the previous version (board/software drs-3.0.0), drs_exam program worked well.

I'm wondering if anybody is using drs_exam with V4 evaluation board.

The issue is that the V4 board has new trigger capabilities (such as coincidences between two channels) which require a slightly different configuration. Here it the new code:


   /* use following lines to enable hardware trigger on CH1 at 50 mV positive edge */
   if (b->GetBoardType() == 8) {     // Evaluaiton Board V4
      b->EnableTrigger(1, 0);           // enable hardware trigger
      b->SetTriggerSource(1<<0);        // set CH1 as source
   } else {                          // Evaluation Board V3
      b->EnableTrigger(0, 1);           // lemo off, analog trigger on
      b->SetTriggerSource(0);           // use CH1 as source

The complete file is attached. Please try again with the new code. Probably next week I will make a new software release (including a Mac version of all programs) which will contain the new code. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,




Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

drs_exam is working now after modification as above.

By some trials, I found that external trigger is possible by 'b->EnableTrigger(1,0); b->SetTriggerSource(1<<4);'





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