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Entry  Fri Oct 16 09:51:03 2009, Jinhong Wang, DSR4 Full Readout Mode 
    Reply  Fri Oct 16 10:16:10 2009, Stefan Ritt, DSR4 Full Readout Mode 
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Author: Jinhong Wang 
Subject: DSR4 Full Readout Mode 

Hello Mr. Stefan Ritt

          In DSR4 DATASHEET Rev.0.8 Page13, I noticed you metioned the samping should occur after 38 ns after the rising edge of SRCLK when the multiplexer is used. So what is suggested value(delay time between sampling and the rising edge of SRCLK) for the parallel mode,in which the multiplexer is not used?

          Best wishes!

                                                       Jinhong Wang

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