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Entry  Mon Jul 9 14:14:48 2012, Ivan Petrov, Problem compiling drs_exam.cpp on windows compile_log.txt
    Reply  Tue Jul 10 13:15:00 2012, Stefan Ritt, Problem compiling drs_exam.cpp on windows 
       Reply  Wed Jul 11 10:04:51 2012, Ivan Petrov, Problem compiling drs_exam.cpp on windows 
Message ID: 172     Entry time: Wed Jul 11 10:04:51 2012     In reply to: 171
Author: Ivan Petrov 
Subject: Problem compiling drs_exam.cpp on windows 

Stefan Ritt wrote:

Ivan Petrov wrote:

Hello again. I have not got evaluation board yet, but already faced some difficulties:) I'm trying to compile drs_exam.cpp on Windows 7 using dev-c++ with imagelib-2 and WxWindows 2.4.2 DevPaks installed, but nothing works. Compile log is attached. Honestly, I'm not very familiar with c++, so any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you.

I have no experience with dev-c++, so I cannot be of help here. The supported systems are Linux and Windows with MS Visual C++. But it looks like the problems are related to compiling wxWidgets, which actually you do NOT need for drs_exam.cpp. The wxWidgets library is only needed for the DRSOsc application. If you want to compile it anyhow, first learn how to compile standard WxWidgets applications from



Best regards,


Ok, this was my bad, I added some unnecessary files to project. Drs_exam compiles well with ms vc++. Thanks!

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